The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Product development from concept to prototype

We do more than engineering. From concept to success: we design, engineer and develop the product.

Concept development
Design engineering
Analysis, modelling and simulation
Prototype development
Testing and product validation

Krampus Mk1 hybrid electric buggy

OSTARA LAB engineers are working to develop a future high-speed off-road mode of troop transport with a hybrid propulsion system.

The game-changing hybrid electric power system of the new vehicle offers improved mobility in harsh environment.

Added value through engineering and design

Our value-added approach to product development delivers better results, creating new advanced solutions rather than limiting innovation or quality. The right project team improves project quality and adds value at every step of the way.

Through a group investigation, our experienced and multi-disciplinary team develops technology and engineering solutions.

Innovation profile

Innovation is a team sport. For a project to succeed, it needs the right combination of talents driven by the same vision. Our culture of innovation empowers our team as creative thinkers.

Getting things done
Turning ideas into solutions
Getting things started
Putting ideas together
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