The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Why us

  • Ostaralab has experience in developing hybrid vehicle solutions for off-road applications
  • Technology is scalable and can be adapted in various applications
  • Professional development of our team gives benefits to our clients
  • The quality management system is implemented and certified in the company

Team with drive


  • Established in 2023. Before 2023 was a part of company OSTARA
  • Started to develop products in 2008
  • Krampus project. Off-road hybrid electric vehicle started in 2018
  • Krampus MK1 finished in 2021. MK1 presented in Eurosatory 2022
  • Krampus MK2 development started in 2022
  • North Wagon Trailer project started in 2022. Trailers adapted for off-road applications

Quality management and environmental protection

The quality management system is implemented and certified in the company according to the standards LST EN ISO 9001:2015, as well as management system of environmental protection, according to the standard LST EN ISO 14001:2015. 

Quality and environmental protection policy
Sertificate of quality management systems

Sertificate of environmental management systems

Our team has gained significant field experience in designing and developing real-world solutions to challenging problems.

We can help you with

A product concept defines boundaries for the functionality of the future product and execution of the project.

Modeling and experimental research help assess the potential of the concept.

Electric drives offer new opportunities for vehicles.

Remote control enhances functionality and opens up new possibilities.

Reliable design increases confidence in the product and encourages its use.

Product designers do not just make the product presentable. They help identify, examine and validate the problem, and then craft, design, test and deliver the solution.

The Application Programming Interface helps create a product that is easy to manage, even for the least experienced of users.

An efficient user interface bridges the gap between the human brain and the digital product you offer.

Testing allows us to assess the products created and develop more advanced solutions.

Product development and product marketing are inextricably linked – one is worthless without the other. We offer a wide range of marketing services that help create the right product for the market, as well as present and advertise the product created.

Our vision & mission

Our mission

Our mission is to conduct research and experimental development activities in the development of driven, remotely controlled and autonomous hybrid vehicles that can increase the quality and efficiency of our customers’ operations. Our team works in close cooperation with customers to ensure their needs are met using the latest technology.

Our vision

To become a world leader in the development of driven, remotely controlled and autonomous hybrid vehicle technology.


Our code & values

OSTARA LAB believes that business must be conducted with integrity and respect. Our employees will not, directly or indirectly, offer bribes, refunds or other similar payments to influence business decisions. We have managed our relationships with partners in good faith and expect our partners to follow the same guidelines in their relationship with us and our suppliers.

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