through engineering & design

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Developing technology for the future of ­mobility


OSTARA LAB integrates high performance solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles with an advanced battery system.


Focus on advanced remote control and autonomous driving delivers special features for safety, rescue and other missions.


Smart mobility together with a digital control system is the key to turning the vehicle into an multipurpose mobile robotics platform.


OSTARA LAB combines modular solutions with vehicle design ideas from the chassis to accessories, from a control system to interface.

Safe and reliable

Attention to detail – from mathematical modeling to testing in the harshest and most rugged of environments.


Together, we are making the industry greener and more fuel-efficient. We develop performance solutions for more efficient mobility.

Wide-Ranging Markets

Security | Defense | Industrial

OSTARA LAB develops and tests products for a wide range of market segments. In unsafe situations, it is vital to minimize the immediate presence of people in dangerous areas. It is particularly important to eliminate any possibility of death or harm that may be caused by accidents and fires in high-risk areas due to radiation, chemical and biological contamination, and explosiveness. Autonomous systems provide the most efficient solution for rescue and emergency restoration work.

From Concept to Reality

Product creation is a time consuming and demanding process. The best solutions will never succeed the first time. The key to our progress is attention to detail – from designing and engineering to prototyping and testing.

We care about the materials we use, components, assembly sequence, serviceability, design validation and certification. Extensive field experience minimizes risks and helps us find our path to a reliable solution.

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