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Lithuanian security and defence solutions provider to cooperate with a Canadian robotics company in creating a new generation all terrain vehicle

The Lithuanian company OSTARA, operating in the security and defense industry, has signed a memorandum of mutual understanding with the Canadian firm Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc. The agreement will see the Provectus’ remote control and autonomous driving solution (A-Kit) integrated into an advanced next generation all terrain vehicle Krampus, which is currently being developed by Ostara. The Krampus vehicle is designed for border and environmental protection, surveillance of natural resources and mining operations support.

The A-Kit will enable the remote control and autonomous driving capabilities of the Lithuanian-made ATV. Thanks to this solution, the Krampus will be able to, without any human participation in its control, autonomously complete routes, overcome obstacles on the road and select the most suitable path to reach the destination.

The integration of the Canadian-made A-Kit will further expand the scope of using the next generation ATV. The Krampus will be an ideal solution for cargo deliveries in minefields, as well as in chemical and radiation pollution zones. It will also survey roads which could potentially be mined, and perform state border surveillance as well as other tasks thanks to its optical equipment.

“By cooperating with one of the global leaders in robotics, we will be able to create products which are even more advanced, with wide-ranging applications in various civilian activities requiring specific transportation capabilities. The advanced remote control and autonomous driving solution has been tested in practice and will allow our project to be completed faster, which will facilitate the entry of the Krampus into new markets,” says Darius Antanaitis, CEO of Ostara.

Based on the memorandum of mutual understanding, Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc. and its parent company Rheinmetall Canada will have the right to distribute the Lithuanian-made ATV Krampus in Canada and the United States. The Canadian-made remote control and autonomous driving module solution is already being used in unpiloted vehicles, such as the autonomous Rheinmetall Mission Master family.

“Provectus Robotics Solutions is excited to bring autonomous navigation capabilities to the Krampus ATV. With our advanced technologies, Ostara will have a vehicle that can autonomously execute missions in off-road environments, extreme weather conditions and underground areas where GPS signals are not available. Our A-kit will perform at a high level with the Krampus ATV’s off-road and hybrid capabilities and bring a solution to applications that are in need of an autonomous platform that can go anywhere at higher speeds,” says Paul Rocco, President of Provectus Robotics Solutions.

The Krampus vehicle will be able to transport two people as well as any additional weight of up to 300 kg, while ensuring mobile and hard-to-track transportation capacities, even on difficult terrains. As the hybrid ATV will be powered by an electric battery charged by a diesel generator, the vehicle will also be able to operate at high altitudes where regular diesel engines lack oxygen, as well as in underground spaces and tunnels where internal combustion engines cannot be used. Ostara plans to introduce the advanced self-controlling ATV in 2023-2024.

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