Lithuanian security and defence solutions provider to cooperate with a Canadian robotics company in creating a new generation all terrain vehicle

The Lithuanian company Ostara, operating in the security and defense industry, has signed a memorandum of mutual understanding with a Canadian firm Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc. The agreement will see the Provectus’ remote control and autonomous driving solution (A-Kit) integrated into an advanced next generation all terrain vehicle Krampus.

Assembly phase of the project KRAMPUS MK1

The all terrain vehicle assembly phase took off following the launch of the Krampus project in 2017. It took two years to perform all the mathematical calculations and drawings, after which the production of parts for the Krampus project commenced. In addition to the mechanical part, the hybrid drive is also being programmed.

FAMOS ATV presented at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris

Following the R&D and production phases, Ostara together with its partner Hirtenberger Defence Systems, presented FAMOS (Fast Mortar Support), an 81 mm light mortar carrier platform, at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris. The platform has been further reinforced, protecting the main assemblies of the all terrain vehicle from damage. The cargo part is equipped with a mortar fastening mechanism and mortar ammunition canisters. The FAMOS development philosophy is based

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